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Everything depends on you. First of all is your life Death/ Suicide

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… I tried everything to stay, but my life turned into a hell on Earth. I don’t know who to blame – whether it was me who shaped my life into what it is or whether it was my destiny. I don’t know where I am about to go - is there anything at all or is there a hellfire waiting for me. Therefore, I am twice as scared. I know that suicide is the most disgusting thing to do. It’s a betrayal of oneself, the close ones and the world. I despise myself for this, but I’m gonna do this. I found no solution other than death. I am sorry. Farewell.

P.S. One day I wrote this note, but stayed alive. Many years after, I found out why everything happened exactly this way. After this all my energy directed on dying was used for creating this project.

P.P.S. And I do not regret about it. Death/ Suicide



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