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Changing how you feel



If you are unhappy about how you feel now, you may try changing your current condition. You might think you need a scenario for this. The only thing you really need to know is that everything has a cause and effect. Every condition or state is simply a mode of being that changes constantly. A state of depression is due to certain causes. Under the influence of other causes, it will change, which often takes much time, which is, in turn, induced by certain causes, too. Finally, the condition will vanish; or rather pass over into a different condition determined by certain causes. Everything has a cause, including depression. Even endogenous depression is conditioned. Any condition may be changed, if one works with the causes inducing it. It is a very difficult and long journey. Yet, reliable. 

There is a different way. You can try changing your state unswervingly. It is a much easier option, but since you do not touch on causes, your condition will change for a short time only. There are many ways: somebody chooses wine, somebody chooses drugs. This happens in life. Only words, however, exist in the Life Project and words can wine your mind. I offer you the wine, but I don’t know if it changes anything in your mind. In either case, you always have a choice and you can:

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- try to change your condition - the page where you get is part of the Life is Creation condition. 

Changing how you feel
 Depression/ Changing how you feel

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