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Everything depends on you. First of all is your life LIFE/ Life is Love

states of mind:
Life is creation
Life is Love
Life is Love

6. Life is creation
Life is Tale
 Life is Love
Life is a Path
Life is People
Life is a Poem
Life is Cinema
Life is Religion
Music for Life
    Life is Miracle
    Life is Book
    Life Quotes
    Life & Cannes Lions
 "If I speak... the tongues of men"
 The Prophet
 Love Songs
 Magic Happens
 What Is Love?
 Love & Cannes Lions
about project
5. life is mundane
4. stress
3. depression
out of words state
2. death
1. lossofsoul
 LIFE is creation
 LIFE is Love
Life is Love

You can believe in Love or deny it. You can sign about it or just disrespect it. You can look for it for the whole life, but can't find it. You  can hide yourself but when you feel it you will drop it or just go away from it. But face it.

People say, it is born straight your heart.
People say much, but words just thought without touching it. It is not above or below the words - it's besides. Besides anything and in everything. It was before the world was born and will be after it.., but it comes to life only through your heart. Can you feel it? It beats. LIFE/ Life is Love



1. lossofsoul 2. death 3. depression 4. stress 5. life as mundane 6. Life is creation


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